Twitter Making Major Changes To Its UI

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Twitter Making Major Changes To Its UI

Twitter is rolling out some big changes that you need to know about, whether you are a frequent Twitter user like myself (I’m @JosephSteinberg) or you just like to keep up to date with technology trends:

  1. You will soon be able to create Snapchat-like “Moments”

In what appears to be an effort to compete directly with Snapchat and with Instagram’s new Stories feature, Twitter is rolling out to all of its users the ability to create “Moments.” While most Twitter users with whom I interact seem to rarely use Moments, if at all, with the coming ability to create Moments, rather than just view those created by a select number of official parties, I expect that situation to change.

You can access Moments today by clicking the lightning bolt tab at the top of your Twitter app or screen. In a fashion similar to Snapchat’s, the main Moments page that opens on Twitter shows trending and selected stories; by clicking the categories on the top of the Moments section, you can move to different Moments–the current categories are News, Sports, Entertainment, Fun, and the trending topics of Rio 2016 and Election 2016. Snapchat- or Stories-like Moments are displayed with a description and image; clicking them (or swiping within them on the app) leads to a slideshow of images and videos.

Per Twitter, “Previously, Moments have been created by our curation team and a select group of publishing partners, but it’s always been our goal to open up this creative canvas to more people. Today, we’re excited to announce that a broader group of creators will be making Moments, including influencers, partners, brands … and in the coming months, everyone.” So, soon, you will be able to not just view Moments but create them as well.

  1. You can now request that your account be Verified

Twitter Verifies–that is, adds a blue icon with a check mark next to the account names of genuine accounts of public interest. This ensures that the public can distinguish between the authentic account belonging to some public figure or entity and any impersonators. Previously, Twitter chose which accounts to Verify, with no official mechanism for members of the public to request Verification. (Advertisers and media partners could request Verification in the past.) As of last month, however, Twitter allows anyone with an account to request that the account be Verified. Requesting Verification, is, however, no guarantee that Twitter will actually Verify your account–as noted on the Twitter Verification request page, “We approve account types maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas. If you believe your account is of public interest and should be verified, this article outlines information about submitting a request.”

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