How APIs can help your online business?

How APIs can help your online business?

“For any business, large or small, not to have an e-commerce strategy is a big mistake.”

                                                              – William M Daley

API Services is the buzz word in E-commerce or online business. Every business, big or small, is faced with the same question today- to be online or not? The major giants of online business, whether it is Flipkart, Snapdeal or Shopclues, all are striving hard to gain an edge over their competitors. API is one of the tools they are using to try and win this they are using to try and win this battle.


Taking your business online can actually serve as a very effective marketing tool. Business, in the modern world, is exceedingly interdependent and data driven. Having access to this data can allow any online entrepreneur understand the customer better and deliver a “contextual” shopping experience. “Contextual shopping” means providing the relevant product information to the shoppers at the time they are making their buying decision.


The API technology helps the online retailers to have access to large volume of data that has been transformed to practical, usable business intelligence. Any online vendor can use these APIs to improve their store’s online features, add site content or communicate effectively with customers.


Many online retailers are using these APIs to integrate new features in their websites and achieve higher sales. Few important APIs are listed below:

Product APIs: They give the retailers an opportunity to access the API vendor’s product catalog. It can help them earn extra money by selling the service provider’s products along with their own.


Logistics APIs: In order to close a sale successfully, an online retailer must provide the option of doorstep delivery. A shipping API can come in handy here. These APIs can help the retailer to automate the process from the point of sale to the point of delivery.


Payment APIs: These are technical calls that enable the processing of a transaction. To accept payments, retailers can use these APIs in their e-commerce website from some provider.


Site Search APIs: Businesses that offer an exhaustive range of products to customers can truly benefit from this feature. The advanced search feature can help the consumer narrow down their search and get the desired product with ease.


APIs are the one thing any sensible e-commerce business can’t afford to ignore. They certainly help you in achieving your dream of a successful online entrepreneurship.


sangya sharma
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